Born in Yorkshire, Steve Cracknell worked as an archaeologist before trading in his trowel for a keyboard. He now lives in the Corbières wine district, near the Mediterranean in southern France.

On Bugarach, sometime before the end of the world (21 December 2012)

A keen walker, his first two books were based on hiking in the Pyrenees. As a result of meeting farmers in the mountains, he became intrigued by the conflicting views on wildlife conservation. So, for the last three years he has been talking to shepherds, hunters and environmentalists. What do they think about the rewilding initiatives? Steve’s latest work, The Implausible Rewilding of the Pyrenees, is the result.

Interview on "If You Only Walk Long Enough"

He is currently collaborating with Open University Professor Gordon Wilson on a fourth book entitled Mountain People: Tales from the Pyrenees. Identity, mobility, destiny and individual choice: what is it really like to live ‘up there’?